CULINARY ARTS - CATERING (6 Units) ( Official )
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CULINARY ARTS - CATERING (6 Units) ( Official )
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CULINARY ARTS - CATERING (6 Units) ( Official )

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Program Type: Occupational Skills Certificate

Division: School of Business, Engineering and Technology

Program Description:
Formerly: Food Services - Catering

This program offers students training in two aspects of the catering business : entry level employment skills and small business operation/ownership. The curriculum includes: introduction to catering for small-scale events and advanced catering business practices for large-scale events, kitchen safety and sanitation, tools and equipment identification, usage and care, product identification and costing for catered events, time management for seeking employment with catering facilities at hotels, casinos, resorts and country clubs. For seekers of self-employment studies will include employment/workers compensation requirements (Employment Department), safe packing and transportation of products, event rentals, site dining/serving setup/take down, time management, commissary development and leasing, legal liabilities and responsibilities, contract negotiations and customer service relations.

An Occupational Skills Certificate is awarded upon completion of all required courses with a grade of C or better.

Effective academic year: 2008-2009

Required Units in the Major:    6

Required Courses
  Semester I (3 units)
  Semester II (3 units)
CUL 160B - ADVANCED CATERING (3.0 units)

Required Electives (0 Units)


Recommended Electives